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As an art enthusiast exploring our platform, each artwork is accompanied by a "Purchase Request" button. You can use this feature to express your interest and communicate directly with the artist. Typically, artists respond to inquiries within 1-3 days, commencing a dialogue where you can discuss the details of your potential purchase, including the finalizing of the deal and arranging any shipping or collection logistics. It's important to note that Artportable acts as a facilitator in these transactions and does not charge a commission on sold works. Even if you're not a registered member, you're still able to reach out to the artist. However, we ask that you respect the artists' time and only contact them if you're a potential buyer or have legitimate queries related to their work. Breaches of this guideline will be duly reported. We encourage art buyers and art lovers alike to create a free account with Artportable. As a member, you will gain access to additional features such as the ability to follow your favorite artists, save artworks, and engage in direct conversations with artists.

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Artportable is more than just a marketplace; we are a dynamic social network where artists and art buyers can connect with ease. Our unique online platform makes it simpler than ever to discover and procure original art, allowing countless works of art to find a place in new homes. Experience the world of art through Artportable today.

Art online and learning from art

The digital world is constantly expanding and offers greater opportunities to live a creative life. Artportable wants more people to be able to live of their creativity and more people to be able to find inspiration in art. The new digital conditions inspire people to be creative on a daily basis and new forms of art are created that will live on for centuries. Art not only shapes how people do things, it also inspires people to live in a certain way.

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With a portfolio on Artportable, artists can easily reach out and sell their art. Artportable's Premium offer also includes help in setting prices, personal contact and opportunities for further marketing and exhibitions.

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Buy artworks and paintings of artists from all around Scandinavia! Artists can sell their work by becoming a member today.

The largest arena in the Nordic
countries for artists and art lovers

Catalogued by Artportable

In this first edition of Catalogued by Artportable, we highlight and promote 106 artists active in the Nordic region, with the aim of developing and democratizing the regional art scene.

We are proud to enable more people to explore and experience art from contemporary artists and hope that the book fosters curiosity and new encounters.
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